Three Days of Love (Day 1)
Title: Three Days of Love (Day 1)

Author: jessi_valentina
Pairing/Subject: YamaChii

Rating: NC-17

Genre: romance, comedy (?)

Summary: Yamada made a promise to Chinen... But it's not what he thought...
A/N: It's the sequel for my previous fanfic 'Dangerous?'.

Etto... Chii...?Collapse )

Introduce Myself
Actually i'm not a newbie here but i'll make an intro post again~

Konnichiwa! I'm jessi_valentina!
Let's start with my basic info~!

Yoroshiku~!!Collapse )

Title: Dangerous?
Author: Yari jessi_valentina
Pairing: YamaChii
Rated: PG-15 (almost go to NC-17)
Genre: Romance
Summary: Be careful when you sleep together with Yamada, or something 'dangerous' will come.
A/N: Well... i want my own fanfic, so I can't ask deyuna_decchan to collab with me. Hope you like it.

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January 4, 2012

i just moved to USA, New York for exactly. I stayed at my grandpas house and entered an international high school there with my cousins. Coz grandpa is my mothers dad, of course hes a pure american just like my cousin. In my new school, i met outroad students from China, korea, malaysia, japan etc. When i entered that school, my oh-so-childish cousin, Lyla, told me about school camp. Actually, i moved there in a perfect time rite? Lol. I met many students, including my malaysian senpai. Shes yamajima shipper. When i said im yamachii shipper, she said yamachii is the worst pairing! I immediatelly slap her ;D n said she will tell it to the headmaster w/o knowing the headmaster is my uncle who love me so much! Lol again. I let her do it.

Because im the winner in the end rite? :D

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